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Office Worker to Farmer

When I left my job as a Company Buyer to become Campsite Manager, I never realised how varied my new role would be.  Whilst in the Reception on Thursday, I happened to look up and see a mother duck heading towards the main road, closely followed by her brood of newly hatched ducklings!

I quickly had to change their route and usher them in the opposite direction.  I took great satisfaction in watching them cross the field and disappear down a river bank and onto the safety of the water – where they should be.

In recent years we have noticed the ducks have adapted their nesting sites and now often nest in hedges.  As a result, when they come off their nests the ducklings are vulnerable and they often need assistance in finding water.

If you visit you may be lucky enough to glimpse this brood or one of the others that are currently hatching around the farm.


26 April 2015


Peaceful Adults Only Caravan & Camping Park