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Never a dull moment

Following on from Spot the Calf, whilst working in the office the other day, it suddenly went dark due to my window being obscured. Outside was parked a Fire Engine, with several excited Fire Fighters aboard.
Apparently, there was a cow in the river and it could only be reached from the Fairfields Farm side.
Two Fire Fighters were escorted to assess the scene, courtesy of Judy on the quad bike. They returned for their appliance and colleagues, and proceeded to get into life jackets.
Meanwhile, Judy had been told that the cow had entered to river further down, but swam to keep up with the rest of the herd on the river bank. With this in mind, she herded the cows further along the bank to a shallow point where the cow exited the river of it’s own accord! The Unimog (a specialist appliance) that was on it’s way, had to be ‘stood down’.
The Fire Fighters seemed extremely disappointed by the ease in which the situation was resolved, but the outcome was a good one.
Judy’s granddaughter’s got to sit in the Fire Engine and our thanks go out to everyone in attendance from the Pevensey Fire Station.
8 May 2015

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