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Welcome Fog!

Whilst fog is normally an unwanted addition to any camping experience, it can sometimes prove to be beneficial!

In an effort to keep our customers safe, Fairfields Farm have invested in a VS Fogging Machine which works by expelling a fine mist that fills a building with an antiseptic solution which eventually settles on all surfaces (even surfaces not reached by conventional cleaning methods).

When used in conjunction with the ‘Virosol’ disinfectant it has proven effective against Coronavirus. This disinfectant is fully tested, it is entirely non-toxic, with a PH of 7.6, so there is no need to rinse away with water. It does not contain harmful Phenols, Aldehydes or Alcohol. Also being water-based and biodegradable it is kind to the environment.

As well as the facilities being deep cleaned they will also be fogged on a daily basis, reducing the risk of infection.

25 June 2020

Family-run Farm and Campsite